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Latest Blogging Tips and Tricks 2020

True Worth of Your Site That Nobody Talks About - 200 Million Dollars  | 01

Take the average your site is earning per month in the last 12 months, and multiply with 24.

For example, if your site is earning $400 a month.

But when you take the average of the 12 months, you get $340

Multiply it with 24.


But it is not always necessary to be multiplied by 24. You can set a range from 24 to 34.

But it depends:

How faster your site is growing
How easy it to handle it
How potential it has in the market
The total value of the money who visited your site

The last point is interesting—perhaps nobody has ever told you.

For example, you have created a website on solving the Apply Mac laptops issues.

The people who have a Macbook earn on average $4000 a month.

And your site is getting 50,000 visitors a month purely from the USA.

It means 4000x50000=$25000000 (200 million dollars) is coming to your site every month indirectly.

Therefore, people buy such sites because of the total value and scale the site with different ways to show the products that they can happily buy at a higher profit margin.

The Future of Blogging is Healthline Alike | 02
Do you want to be successful in the blogging world?

Follow the paths taken by the websites that are extremely successful in the niche.

You need to look for the reasons behind their success that could be content and backlinks or both.

The same is the case with Healtine, I am extremely impressed.

If you look at any article on the website, you will find:

The real picture of the authors
The degree of the authors (as if Google traces their degree verifications with the help of online records)
Who reviewed the content (probably another doctor)
More than 20 research references in most articles mainly from
High-quality content that is easy to read for common people.

Moreover, they have a big team of everything: medical, nutrition, and dietitians- comprising more than 50 doctors.

Look at the team:

You can also read Health's line editor process for each article on

Then I checked how happy Google is with Healthline: getting 200 million visits as per Similarweb—91% from Search Engines.

I went to Ahrefs, put Healthline's website, clicked Top Pages.

I found the article
 is driving the most traffic on a highly competitive keyword "how to lose weight fast" that has 450,000 searches per month as per Keyword Everywhere.

Just read the article. More than 50 research references are given. It is a clear indication:

"The higher the search volume, the longer the content, the more research references".

What is the BERT Google Update And Why Should You Care? | 03
BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations  Transformers.

It is an open-source program that any Python lover can train his question-answer system.


BERT is bidirectional that makes it unique than other algorithms that are usually unidirectional.

But, Aamir, please explain with an example of what is a unidirectional and bidirectional approach.


In the unidirectional approach, Google evaluates the previous context of a sentence only, not the next context.

The word "Bank" has different meanings: the river bank and the money bank.

When we say, "I accessed the bank account." In the unidirectional approach, Google judges the word BANK based on the "I accessed" only.

In the bidirectional approach, Google looks at the "account" as well to understand its true relevance.

Still, didn't get it?

Let's take another example.


Sentence A: the man went to the store.
Sentence B: he bought a gallon of milk.
Label: IsNextSentence

In this example, BERT knows "the man bought a gallon of milk."  from the previous and the next sentence.

Sentence A: the man went to the store.
Sentence B: penguins are flightless.
Label: NotNextSentence

In this example, Google knows the second sentence is not linked with the first sentence; that is why Google has labeled it, "It is not the next sentence."

BERT is better than human beings in understanding the content as per Google research.

Human being has an accuracy of 91.221, but BERT achieves 93.160!

What Do I Believe?

BERT is aimed at content. You should write grammatically correct English to make sense of content.

The flow from one sentence to another is essential than ever before to get a featured snippet and overall ranking of your article.

We should wait for a week until the update is fully rolled out.

Before that, I will not make a major hypothesis about the update because I haven't seen a big change in traffic on my and client sites: one saw a major improvement in traffic.

Sources to Learn More About BERT:
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