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Latest Blogging Tips 2020

Tip: No  1

Internet users in Pakistan are 60 million and 460 million internet users in India.

You are missing the opportunity on Youtube for 504 million users.

If you have the content that can be watched both in Pakistan and India, try to keep the thumbnail text in Roman Urdu/Hindi.

In this way, your content will have access to more population.

If you write in Hindi in Thumbnail, you may miss the audience from Pakistan. If you write in Urdu, you will miss the audience from India.

Look at the below images, you will understand the game.

Tip: No 2

I am going to transfer all my domains Namecheap and Godaddy to Cloudflare for the following reasons:

1. Cheapest

Yes, cheaper than Namecheap. Only 8.03$ for the rest of your life.

Unlike Godaddy that charges 1$ for the first year, then it charges 15$ for the second year.

2. Security.

Two-factor authentication, Registrar Locking, and Cloudflare is a great company that knows what a customer needs.

3. Fast.

Fast, easy to navigate interface.

Tip: No  3

Microsoft Word and Excel work to Google Doc and Google Sheet for six simple reasons:

1. Your data will be safe permanently even your laptop is stolen or damaged. Google provides unlimited space for such documents. Make sure you have set up the 2-step verification so that your account is not hacked.

2. You can edit the document with your other follows in real-time. Yes, click SHARE, and give the link with the edit permission, you are done. One person will be adding images, and another person will be writing the article.

3. There are so many amazing add-ons for Google Doc and Sheet. The best one is SEMRUSH Writing Assistance.

4. You can write even you are not connected to the internet. It will be saved automatically. You just need to install the Google Doc App from Google Store for this feature.

5. It's free, you need to activate your MS Word. You can also upload your current MS Word and MS Excel files to Google Drive; the files will be converted to Google Doc and Sheet upon your request within a few seconds.

6. You don't need to upload your file to other hosting services to share with your follows, you just need to share the link.

Tip: No 4

Do you know even you are not ranking for the first position, you can get the zero position—above the first position—with the help of featured snippets SEO?

Write a precise and to the point answer within 295 characters in one of your article paragraphs.

This applies to the paragraph snippet, not to list, points and table featured snippets.

According to Getstat, the most popular featured snippet is "paragraph" that is made of 82%.

Tip: No 5

How to Use Copyscape Legally Free for Checking Plagiarism of Your Article

Step 1 - Account Creation:

Create a free blog on Wordpress dot com or Blogspot.

Step 2 - Pasting Your Article:

Paste your article in the new blog post on the above platform that you want to check for Plagiarism

Step 3 - Publishing and Check:

Go to and paste your published post URL, and click Go. Done!

Note: Don't forget to delete the post that you have created on the above free platform after you have checked for Plagiarism

It will show you the copied content, and also shows the percentage someone has copied.

Just click the results that Copyscape shows after you put the URL, it will show you the content.

Tip No: 6

Please don't always follow the same path you learn from me, any course, any article or any video.

Be creative. Find out the solution by thinking out of the box.

SEO is like a destination where you can use different routes to reach your desired destination.

Don't limit yourself to what you have learned from that person.

For example

If someone teaches you to find the keywords on which Quora is ranking for 1st positions with Ahrefs, and then write the best content on the keyword to outrank them.

Then you can apply the same method on Medium dot com and other sites even Facebook dot com, yar!

It's a game, play it in different ways.

Our education system doesn't teach this, but please make yourself creative either you are doing blogging or you're a YouTuber.


Tip No: 7

Do you know?

Even you spend 1000PKR on Google Ads, you can see the real searches of a keyword in number instead of the range in Google Keyword Planner.

This Google Keyword Planner can:

1. Show the real trend of a keyword in the Google Search Engine.
2. Show the keyword search volume data even for a city like Lahore or Delhi.
3. Export data in Excel and is extremely fast.
4. Show accurate results than Ahrefs, SEMRUSH, and Keyword Everywhere.

5 Ways to Destroy Your Blog and Life

1. Don't Be Consistent Ever!

You just need to sit down and relax. Watch movies, dramas, and Youtube. Never ever give one minute to your blog.

Just write one blog post in 10 years. Visit Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat before writing an article. Wait until 10 years pass.

2. Never Make a Goal

Yes, never make a goal. Live a meaningless life. Blame your parents who aren't rich.

Blame your internet for being slow. Blame your government.

Play a blaming game. If you don't get anything. Blame that.

And don't make a daily one goal that you have to achieve.

For example, if you try to write 1000 words daily, don't do it.

3. Don't Learn SEO

You don't need to learn SEO. SEO is waste because it helps you to find you low to middle competition keywords and you can rank your blog.

So don't learn. You will save time. Write on any topics that you stumble upon.  No need to check its competition and volume.

Because you're living in 2000, any general topics will bring you a billion traffic to your blog.

4. Don't ever promote your blog

Yes, don't ever promote. You just need to pray, and no hard work needed. Your blog will be ranked by Google in no time.

Don't visit Quora, Facebook groups and Pinterest to promote your blog. It's a waste of time.

5. Don't Try to Improve Yourself.

Don't ever try to improve yourself. Don't try to see your weaknesses and strengths. Don't ever try to think about what can you achieve.

Have you seen your power during the night in exams? Did you memorize a lot of things in no time? Yes, you did. Please don't try to implement in your blogging life.
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