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Latest Blogging Tips 2020

Google Image's Understanding of User | 01

Do you know?
Google Image knows better than Google what users need.
For example, when you type On-Page SEO, it shows the users are more interested in
Optimizing the page with SEO Yoast
The complete process from start to finish
And much more.
You'll find all the terms in the comment section of Backlinko's article that is ranking for the first position for the keyword "On-Page SEO"
You should use keywords in your content with headings or subheadings.

Understand the Depth of SEO from an SEO Expert Have More than 24 Years of SEO Experience for Free | 02
If you want to understand SEO in insane depth, there is no better in the SEO industry than Bill Slawski.

He has two decades of SEO experience even before Google came into being in 1998.

Moreover, he's been writing articles based on Google's patent and whitepapers since 2005 on his website SEObytheSea

Here's the material you should read: | Read from his article in 2005) | Read his latest presentations from the conferences that demand Rs. 40,634 to 100,000 just to attend

PS: Don't judge its website by its simple look. ;)

I Can Do This, But I'm Lazy | 034

I had the same issue. I couldn't achieve the best potential at home because you feel unproductive for so many reasons.

The simple solution to the problem is to go to your nearest co-working space.

You'll find the motivation to work when you'll see all others are working, and you're wasting time.

You'll see the results within a month with a money-back guarantee. All you need to make a plan for the next month, divided into days, go to the co-working space, and see the results.

I find a co-working space better than an office because you feel the same way at your office as your home. At a coworking space, you get new connections, new people and you see what hard work really is.

Find in your area now with Google Map.

Most People Don't Know How to Apply for a Job | 04

I posted a job in Bloggers Funda a few days ago, but I felt sad when more than 150 people wrote, "I'm interested." with no explanation of experience, portfolio, and why to hire you.

It means it'll take 750 minutes  if I give 5 minutes to each person (150*5=750)

It could be a lot easier for me if the members mentioned a brief introduction about himself/herself, past projects they have done, and why you're a good fit for the job.

Many people just sent CVs. Most people don't have time to read your CVs also. Kindly mention the above points in every e-mail.

See the picture below of the web designer who applied for the job. That is a good example.

Don't be hurry,  "I am the best for the job". You need to explain why.

Always write between 100-200 words. Not more than that. You also need to mention the skills in your copy.

If you're a fresh graduate, first try to make your portfolio by working for small businesses for free or as an intern. I'll make you stand out from the crowd.

Please present and send your portfolio in a nice way. The best format is to make a website. People send me a Google Drive folder with no clue what each file is for.

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