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Stop Writing on MS Word for Good SEO | 01

Are you writing on MS Word?

You should stop writing.

The writers I have seen usually write articles on MS Word.

The problem?

When you copy from Word to Wordpress, you see unwanted elements like <span>, <div>, font-size, align in the Text section of Wordpress.

This is detrimental to your blog SEO because you are less likely to get a featured snippet; Google may get confused.

Don't you believe me?

Watch the short video below!


Paste with Ctrl+Shift+V instead of Ctrl+V

Note: When you write directly in MS Word and paste in Wordpress, it doesn't happen. Some writers add different colors and features to make the text cool but hurt SEO.

Case Study: The Role of Paid Traffic in Ranking | 02

On the 3rd of November, I promised I'll explain how paid traffic impacts ranking.

First, read that post from

Ahrefs marketing head, Tim Soulo, didn't explain in detail which paid traffic he used.

But being a follower for many years, Ahrefs uses Facebook Ads as a vital tool to get paid traffic because it's cheap.

You might be wondering how paid traffic may help you.

I assume any traffic may impact ranking either you get with a paid or freeway.

According to SEMrush ranking factors study, direct website visit is the number one ranking factor.

Yes, read here:

But I'd not recommend fake traffic like Hitleap.

Real traffic stays on your site, real users scroll down to read the article and Google knows it all from its huge data of Chrome.

I've ranked many articles solely from social media traffic that is quite amazing. Yes, real traffic. I target a real audience who would be interested in reading my article.

Need proof?

The article I wrote on SEMrush is ranking better in Pakistan than the USA for the keyword "Google NLP API" "Google NLP" (3300 Searches Per Month)

Google NLP Link:

In Pakistan, the average position is 5, but in the USA, the average position is 6. See the attached photos (Updated A Few Hours Ago)

The difference was huge when I shared the article in Bloggers Funda. It was ranking to the top in Pakistan but not in the USA.

I've experienced and tested many times that your website is likely to get ranked in the country from where you get most of the traffic.

I understand ranking depends on many other factors too like content, backlinks, and relevancy, but website visit is one of the main ranking factors proved by SEMrush and my little case study.

UX Writing is the Future | 03

Big companies from Apple to Google hire UX writers.

Don't believe me?

Google UX Writer Job

Apple UX Writer Job

A UX writer is the expert of the product and knows how to persuade people to buy the product.

An Apple UX writer will write content across Apple's website for different apple products with a unified voice to persuade people with words that catch them.

He experiences a product himself by touching, using, smelling, hearing, seeing and tasting (LOL). He interacts with the team who makes the product and uses the language that makes people mad.

Go to See how the word choice has transformed the entire experience, you will not feel on a review based site.

That's why many beginner writers blame themselves for being a lousy writer. No, you are not a bad writer. You simply don't know about the niche. You don't know anything about the niche.

Go to Youtube, watch about the niche or product. Become an expert in the niche. Spend at least a week or a month to master the words that the people of the niche frequently use.

You've seen people who don't buy a product from a site because the writer doesn't know anything about the product, how will he persuade?

It's better to train a writer about your site or product; then, he should write content with clear intent with on-page SEO latest standards.

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