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Daily Blogging Tips and Tricks 2020

Blogging has a 100% success rate if the person works consistently for two years spending daily 4 to 8 hours to improve his skills, learn from the mistakes, and get help from the experts during his journey.

Iqbal said:

Koi Qabil Ho Tau Hum Shan Kyain Dete Hain
Dhoondne Walon Ko Dunya Bhi Nai Dete Hain!

English Translation:

On him who merits well I set the brightest crown,
And those who truly questing come, a new world waits for them.

People took the meaning of yesterday's post literally.

Blogging is not only one field; it's a combination of fields.

According to my experience, you have to learn the followings:

1. Patience: Yes, million dollars are not deposited within a day, it takes months and years.

2. Clarity: You must be 100% crystal clear, you will give time to it no matter what happens in your 24 hours life. Zero excuses.  Try to invest 30 minutes to 8 hours on your goal.

3. Wordpress or Blogger: If you don't have a budget of Rs. 300 per month, then learn Blogger. Otherwise, learn Wordpress, and learn how to install a theme and all its basics. Write posts, make mistakes. Learn from the mistakes.

4. SEO: How Google takes more than 200 factors to rank a single website that you see on Google to the top results. Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Link Building Game.

5. Graphics Designing: You have to make appealing posters that people will click on your blog. Bad image? No traffic. No traffic zero earning. Effective use of Canva. com is enough.

6. Psychology: Write as if you're reading the brain of your visitor. Understanding their pain, and write the best solution. What makes them sad, happy and optimistic. Think they are human beings and they have feelings.

7. Marketing: Without marketing of your blog or Youtube Channel, how can you imagine to grow? You have to find out the other ways to make yourself or your blog a brand.

8. Communication: It's important. How you communicate with others. When you will be writing on other platforms like Quora, Facebook groups or forums, your communication matters.

9. Balancing Life: You have to make yourself to enjoy your life too. Take some time for entertainment, blogging, and family life. If you spend all the time on one thing, you will not enjoy life.

10. Problem-Solving Mind: Whatever issue you face. Try to Google it, Google Image it, Youtube It. Try to find the solution instead of blaming your college and university life, your government or your parents.

Speed Score Doesn't Matter, Experience Does!

Some people say big websites load in 10 seconds, and my website loads in 5 seconds.

Also, when they place the ads; the loading time dramatically increases.

Above the fold means the content that is shown to the users without scrolling down so that they can start reading.

So if your content above the folds load within 3 seconds and total load time is 15 seconds, then your website is better than the site that loads above the fold content in 6 seconds, and total load time is 10 seconds.

Big websites like Backlinko and news websites pay more attention to the speed that depends on the above the fold content.

This thing I have explained earlier, but I hope this will make more sense to you.

Know-How Much Your Size Will Be Reduced If You Optimize Your Each Image

Some Tips:

1. Most people just compress the image with or with a plugin still they have an image file with big size.

So try to compress its pixels too. You don't need to put an image of 6000x6000 pixels on your site that you take from DSLR.

Its size will be reduced to some MBs, but still, it's not enough.

Compress its pixel to 1024x1024 or to the point where the quality doesn't give poor quality. It will make the image in some KB, and the quality will the same, and your loading speed will be faster.

2. If you want to compress GIF or videos, then use Cloudinary CDN Image Optimization Techniques that can optimize videos and GIF by 90%.

People don't know how to use the tool.

They will buy Ahrefs, SEMRUSH, and Moz, but will never try to be an expert of it.

Ahrefs has so much data, if you don't know how to use it effectively, there would be no use of it.

The power of filter to find the best keywords, the backlinks filters to find out the best backlinks for your website is an art.

The best way is to watch videos of the tools from the official channel. Ahrefs Youtube Channel is pure gold.

Do you want to promote your Youtube Channel?

You can do a guest post on Youtube.

You can easily get an email address of the channel from About, and pay the creator to show your Youtube to his audience to subscribe.

Try to think in a unique way how to present your channel so that other people follow you.

It may be a giveaway or anything.

Want to write an article or make a video that will get the most views?

Go to the top channel of your niche, go to VIDEOS, and sort the videos by MOST POPULAR

You will see the videos that have got the most views.

You can make the video, but with

1. Unique, and interesting title
2. Better content, I mean the best.
3. Best use of thumbnail

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