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Blogging Tips 2020

Why Successful Entrepreneurs Call Bloggers Bachy (Child) | 01

And they are right.
Our world is limited.
It starts with Google Adsense and ends with affiliate marketing.
We don't think beyond earning from $100 to $1000 a month. They think beyond $50,000 a month.
We find a low competition niche and dominate it. They find a serious problem and build a product to dominate it.

We are busy bringing 1000 visitors a day; they are busy bringing 1000 sales a day.
We promote our blog with keywords to earn more from Adsense and Amazon. They promote their products with unique content based on their tools.
I know you need examples.

Check content written by SEMrush and Ahrefs. They write unique and valuable content that is entirely focused on their products to get more sales.
Check the e-commerce site in your country. 

Accept Guest Post from Sites That Get Real Traffic from Google! 02

The sites with high-quality backlinks, but no real traffic from Google, can be a dirty game for your blog in the long run.

Because such sites may have a higher DA, PA, TF, CF, DR, and UR, but not real traffic from Google.

That's why accept guest posts from the sites that are getting real traffic from Google.

The logic is simple: if Google is giving its valuable visitors to the site, it indicates Google loves the site.

I recommend checking with Similarweb to check the traffic of a site from Google (Search).

Similarweb is more accurate than Ahrefs, Moz and SEMrush when it comes to showing the traffic of a website.

Writing Quality Content Is Not Way Process | 03
Yes, not one-way process rather multiple.

What does it mean?

It means if you want to write an article on "Best Gaming Laptop 2019", you must spend at least one day in researching:

Amazon Reviews from 1 to 5 Stars
User Comments on Top Sites
Company Statements
Youtube Videos of Laptop Experts
Researching Common Issues.
Reading Benchmark on Different Sites

Of course, you need to research all the products you want to include in your reviews. 

It will take a lot of time, but it will be fun.

Make sure you keep writing important points of each product in your online tool: Google Docs, Paper Dropbox or Asana...

Your second day is to make an outline for each product. You just need to write. Don't check spelling or grammar at all.

Just keep writing. Use Paper Dropbox (, you would love it.

Once you have done, then check spelling and grammar. It will make your writing faster.

Also you can take inspirations from top sites how they write a particular section.

If you can work hard, you can do the process in one day also.

Why People Buy a Site That Has A Lot of Traffic, But Adsense Is Not Approved | 04
Because they can do the following with the site:

Buy a new domain. Approve Adsense on the new domain. Do a 301 redirect to get the traffic and earn money. Read Moz Site Migration Guide
You can approve Adsense on the existing domain by putting the content that Google Adsense can be approved for. Once approved, you can upload the same content.
Use the traffic with a different business model. For example, you have a site related to mobile phone prices. They can sale mobile phone relates stuff online like power cable, mobile cases, and chargers.

There are many more possibilities.

Why Asian Ain't Successful Even They Earn Money Online | 05
How many bloggers and freelancers have you seen who made a lot of money?

But after a few years, they had nothing in their hands.

The reason is they know how to earn money, but they don't know how to multiply it.

Generally, they buy a laptop, a smartphone, and other related stuff. 

And they keep spending it until they are banned from the platform.

I suggest you to learn to make money from the money.

If you are earning well on Fiverr, don't overspend it until you are earning well on another freelancing platform.

If you are earning well with Adsense, don't overspend until you have another affiliate site.

Don't keep the same niche. Work on a totally different niche because Google's algorithm will hit the same.

In simple words, spend money that you are earning from the first source to another source by hiring more writers or promoting it.

To-Do List Is Not Important, But Habit Is - 06
You have heard a thousand times you should make a to-do list, it is not much effective for beginners.

You make a big list of tasks, you end up nothing at the end of the week.

Because you make like
3 Hours for Blog Writing
2 Hours for Reading Books
3 Hours for Studies

The list goes on. It doesn't always work. You must focus on making up your habit instead of the tasks.

You should do the task everyday even you do just for 30 seconds. You should make it a habit. Habit will take at least 20 to days.

Dr. Abdul Kalam said:

You cannot change your FUTURE, you can change your HABITS. And surely your HABITS will change your FUTURE

Can't you find 30 seconds for one task? You can.

Also, don't try to make a lot of tasks for day one. Just one task is enough. When you feel confident, go for the second.

The most important part!

Don't ever make a generic task.

For example, you have a plan to start a blog. It doesn't happen overnight.

You should make
Day 1: I will think a good name for my domain
Day 2: I will buy the domain at any cost
Day 3: I will  buy the hosting
Day 4: I will install Wordpress.

You can even do all these tasks in one day, but it should be divided into smaller tasks. It helps our brain otherwise our brain becomes exhausted.
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