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Best Tips For Blogging in 2020

Future: Blogging or Video Blogging 

[Warning: I've explained here my own view, you don't need to agree with it]

Video blogging has a brighter future because

• The Internet is getting faster 2G>3G>4G>5G
• The Internet is getting cheaper
• Smartphones getting cheaper
• People prefer to watch a video now instead of an article
• Conversion rates on videos are much higher.

Do you need proof?

Watch an HD video of XPS 15 in 1080p, and then read an article on it.

Then decide which helps you to make a purchase.

With the passage of time, people are getting smarter. They know the products that are being sold via affiliate links on blogs.

In the next 3 to 5 years, people will become more video-oriented.

So, Aamir, you should destroy your blog?

Nope! Never! It depends on your niche.

There are hundreds of niches on which people will never watch a video on Youtube.

And there are some people who like to read more than watching videos like me.

I love reading because I can read the whole article within 5 minutes, and the video will take 20 minutes to make me understand the exact same thing.

But, Aamir, what is the best approach according to you?

Do both. Work on blogs by writing articles on the proven keywords as well as make videos on the proven keywords.

What do you think about it? Share your views, what will you do?

Is Blogging Full of Competition?
You have two things:


With time, new things come.

In 2004, there was no iPhone. So there was no iPhone niche on blogging and videos.

iPhone released in 2007, so did iPhone niche.

It is an example.

Every day,  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality are bringing new features, updates, they can be a niche.

So the new niche will not have the competition. The sooner you work, the better it will be for you.

There are thousands of ways to find a new niche or finding the sub-niche of the main niche. With the help of the news website of the product, or Magazine or Amazon Kindle books.

For example, Android is the main niche. Android has released many Operating Systems like Android 9 Pie. You can work on that niche.


You can easily find low to middle competition keywords in every high competition niche.

You can use tools like Ahrefs, and KWFinder for this thing.

So I hope this thing will clear is it full of competition. You can find the niche that has the least competition or the keywords that have the least competition.

For that, you have to learn SEO.

Tomorrow I will talk about which has a brighter future, Blogging or Video Blogging.

Does Difficult English Help in Ranking?

Have you ever read an article written by Google writers?

No one can understand better than Google writers as they are trained for the search engines.

It is so simple, easy to read that can easily be understood by 14 to 15 years old kids.

Why easy?

Because people of every age use the internet, and they prefer to visit the site that is written in simple words.

They want to solve their issues, so easy wording would help them to solve quickly.

It means you don't need to a Ph.D. or M.Phil in English.

Yes, some exceptions are there in the medical and research fields.

Need an example from Google?

Read here

You can check the readability score at

Check with the direct text input instead of URL. It gives more accurate result.
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