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How can We live a healthy life?

You can live a healthy life by eating healthy, not smoking and exercising and relaxing enough. By living healthy you reduce the risk of diseases. Healthy living also helps you stay fit longer. A healthy lifestyle is taking good care of your body and your mind.

View these 5 tips for a healthy life.

Healthy living in 5 tips

1. Eat healthily

Take care of yourself if you eat healthily. By eating according to research you reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. You also ensure that you get all the necessary nutrients. 

2. Stay on a healthy weight

With a healthy weight, you run fewer health risks than people who are overweight or underweight. You have a lower risk of conditions such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, joint complaints and certain forms of cancer. In addition, with a healthy weight, you feel better and feel fitter.

3. Move regularly

Exercise is important for a healthy life. You feel fitter when you exercise and it also lowers the risk of, for example, being overweight and cardiovascular disease. The best way to move depends on your age. The advice for adults is  - at least 150 minutes of moderate or heavy intensive exercise per week; - and muscle and bone-strengthening activities at least twice a week. Walking, running or cycling, but also heavier household, walking the dog and working in the garden count as movement. Do what you like and what suits you. In addition, prevent yourself from sitting too much.

4. Do not smoke

Those who want to live healthily do not smoke. No smoking contributes to better health.

5. Relax sufficiently

To live a healthy life it is also important not to have too much stress. Ensure adequate relaxation and enough sleep.
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